Case Study #1

                      BEFORE                                                   AFTER

PATIENT:           16-year old female volleyball player with head injury

COMPLAINT:      Chronic headaches accompanied by stiff neck

TREATMENT:      7 visits, adjusted upper and lower cervicals

RESULTS:           Patient reported no pain and cervical range of motion returned to normal


Case Study #2

                       BEFORE                                                  AFTER                       

               (Abnormal Curve)                                   (Normal Curve)

PATIENT:          26-year old male; works in retail

COMPLAINT:     Intermittent muscle spasms in lower back that severely affected his

    mobility and has been present over the past several months

TREATMENT:     8 visits, adjusted upper and lower cervicals

RESULTS:          Patient reported pain in lower back completely resolved


Case Study #3

                         BEFORE                                                    AFTER

                 (Abnormal Pelvis)                                    (Normal Pelvis)

PATIENT:          39-year old construction worker

COMPLAINT:     Onset of pain in his lower back after lifting heavy equipment

TREATMENT:     2 visits, adjusted the pelvis and tailbone

RESULTS:          Patient returned to work in 5 days pain free